EDUCATION: Derived from the Latin root ‘educare’ meaning to ‘draw out’.

When we teach a child to speak, we don’t put them in a room full of other children – we surround them with people who have mastered the language and we have conversations.

The NJCC, based in Nashville, TN, is home to the some of the finest music conversationalists the country has to offer. Music professors from Vanderbilt University, Middle Tennessee State University, Belmont College, as well as touring and local players round out this remarkable group of educationally-minded musicians.

Literally thousands of workshops and clinics have been presented collectively by the members of this group – from South Africa, Australia, Europe, Japan, South America, the Middle East, Canada and beyond!

We encourage curiosity, exploration and a hands-on approach to learning. Through imitation comes originality.

When there is such passion for education there is little doubt local students will benefit. Working with Metro Nashville (TN) Public Schools, The W.O. Smith Community Music School, Williamson County Public Schools and students all over the state, music education is of paramount importance to the NJCC.

We believe that fundamentals are the ‘roots’ of music and should be nurtured and developed to help the student grow. Listening, Tone/Dynamics, Rhythm/Time, Articulation, Harmony – these are the fundamental building blocks of both music AND spoken language.

Community-Based Outreach: As we develop, we plan to provide a space in the community where students will learn by ear from the players in the Collective and will be directly involved in the compositional and improvisational processes.

We feel there should be a circle of education that invites students to participate with seasoned professionals in a safe, caring and inspiring environment.

To bring members of the NJCC to your school or for more information, please contact:

Brian Horner / SAS